workshop: Superblocks: an urban planning strategy for degrowth cities? (EN)

21. November 2020
18:00 - 19:30

booked out // leider voll

For Smarter Than Car: Belen Iturralde, Elena Mali, Florian Lorenz and Matthieu Floret.

STC is a not-for-profit interdisciplinary advocacy, research, curator and collaborative work group for future urban mobility and post carbon degrowth urbanism. It believes that mobility is a key factor for prosperous urban transformation in light of climate chaos and related sustainability crises.

The session discusses the degrowth strategic potential of the superblock urban planning model “Superblock” for the social-ecological transformation of cities. Based on case studies from European cities (Barcelona, Berlin and Vienna), the session works towards a better strategic understanding of superblocks for degrowth transformation of cities. The workshop-discussion is structured around the analysis of the strengths, potentials, weaknesses and threats of the superblock model. The workshop is an occasion for different actors interested and/or active in degrowth urban planning issues to connect with each other.